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Donavon Warren acting on set Wheels

Donavon Warren is a Actor, Writer, Producer and Director most notably known for the movie “Wheels”. He was born in Albuquerque (New Mexico) on September 16, 1980. Fresh out of high school he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18, where he lived for eight months in his Jeep. After over a decade in Los Angeles, he finally made the feature film Wheels, his first independent movie. He not only starred in, but also wrote and co-directed the film. It was released in over 60 countries and received incredible reviews from audiences all around the world.

Loaded Dice Films is Donavon Warren’s production company which distributes and produces films. In 2022, Warren started making 5 new films. Vampire Apocalypse is set to start shooting in summer of 2022. The movie is a movie about an outbreak set in a post apocalyptic setting. Time Wars, which is a set of four action-packed movies that also includes time travel, is a series set to start shooting immediately after Vampire Apocalypse.