Actor Donavon Warren an American actor most notably known for his role in the movie "WHEELS" @wheelsthemovie. He is also the owner of Loaded Dice Films. 

Donavon on Wheels - “I’ve put 16 years into this film. I knew I had to make it. It wasn’t a choice. I needed to make it happen. This is my life.” Donavon Warren has performed plenty over the years, but his road to acting began with the written word and a dream. He moved to Hollywood right out of high school and spent the first 8 months living out of his car. When he started to write the screenplay for WHEELS at age 20, he figured he had nothing to lose (because he didn’t). He worked on his craft and bounced around the acting circuit. A decade went by, and although his credits grew, Donavon still couldn’t get a studio to back WHEELS. It was time to find a way himself. “Whatever it takes” is his directing and producing motto, and it’s certainly accurate. He lost 53 pounds to play Mickey and even became a medical test subject to help fund the film.




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